We seek and find the best advice for you, so that you can be certain you are making the right decisions. This how we work and cooperate.

The Added Value of Knowing More

All BCP advisers have senior experience at the highest level; at international firms, but also as entrepreneurs on the other side of the table. The great diversity in the background and personalities of our people creates an open atmosphere in which we challenge, provoke, spar with and keep each other on our toes. What binds us is our entirely unique vision on due diligence.
This philosophy brings us together and distinguishes BCP on the market. Driven, flexible, and self-willed; our team does not shrink from thinking outside the box.

Effective Advice

The versatility of our team means we are fully equipped to service a wide range of clients - from private equity parties to the director and major shareholder to multinationals - and answer questions on the whole gamut of issues - ranging from acquisitions, vendor or refinancing due diligence to readiness assessments and post-merger integration activities.

We now put this experience to work for you and are at your disposal throughout the transaction process.

Financial due diligence

During an acquisition process, you face a great many questions in a short time frame about the business you are interested in acquiring. If you, as buyer, are not well-acquainted enough with the specific transaction risks, this can result in you:

  • overlooking things and only discovering them after the purchase; and
  • lacking the right arguments during the negotiation process.

With a financial due diligence, we help the potential buyer of a business analyse the financial assumptions of the proposed transaction. The question ‘What are we actually buying?’ is the key focus in a financial due diligence. In addition to insight into the financial information, we also interpret this information for you. To do this, we analyse both the historical financial information on the business and the future-oriented financial information prepared by the seller. written report, without limitations, we facilitate you in making deliberate choices.

The key objectives in our financial due diligence are:

  • to provide insight into the key ‘value drivers’ of the business;
  • to provide insight into the financial risks and opportunities;
  • to test the initial assumptions and criteria (among others, for the purposes of your valuation of the business), primarily through the analysis of:
  • the underlying historical financial information;
  • interim financial developments; and
  • the financial outlook for the business.
  • to provide insight into potential negotiating points (and/or deal breakers) in order to strengthen your negotiating position, for example in order to push for a price correction.

The outcomes of a financial due diligence provide direction for various aspects of the acquisition. Take the valuation of the business, for instance, the financing of the transaction and the structuring of the transaction. The insight we provide puts you in a position to make a carefully considered decision on the proposed transaction.